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Huge fire response on Greenwood Avenue near 87th early Monday morning

Update 9:20 a.m.: Lt. Sue Stangl, Public Information Officer with the Seattle Fire Department, tells us that the fire was discovered about 4:15 a.m. by a nearby City Light crew that saw the smoke. The electrical fire was accidental, and started in a mezzanine area of Rite Zone. Stangl said it looked like it had been smoldering for “quite some time.”
A water pipe was also broken, but she didn’t know when that happened. She said there’s quite a bit of smoke and water damage to the entire building. Lt. Stangl put the damage estimate at $100,000 to the structure, and $200,000 to the contents.
Earlier: There’s a huge fire department response at 8572 Greenwood Ave. N. at Rite Zone, between New’s Noodles and Wayward Coffeehouse.
According to Seattle Fire Real Time 911, five engines, two ladders and a number of support vehicles are on the scene.
Tipster Silver is posting continual scanner updates in the forum. Thanks, Silver, for alerting us to the news.
Dale is at the scene and reports that Greenwood Avenue is closed from 85th to about 90th. Hoses are out but no fire or smoke is visible, but you can smell smoke.

A fire official tells him that the fire started at Rite Zone, a discount convenience store. The call came in about 4:15 a.m. The fire official says there is light smoke damage at New’s Noodles and Wayward Coffeehouse. Firefighters are on the roof of Rite Zone now looking for hot spots.

Dale says firefighters have contacted most affected business owners, but haven’t yet been able to reach the owners of Rite Zone.
“I heard them roll up,” said Jerrod Bickler, who lives across the street. Firefighters first went into News Noodles, then Rite Zone and Wayward Coffee. “I didn’t really see any smoke coming out of the building. Then they cut a hole in the roof and that’s when the smoke really started coming out.”
Firefighters are pulling contents out of Rite Zone and hosing them down to make sure the fire is out. Here’s a crew at the back of the building.

And here’s an overhead shot by neighbor Jerrod Bickler. Rite Zone is the middle of the three businesses behind the fire truck.