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Find power outage information on City Light’s revamped website

Seattle City Light recently revamped its website to include more information about power outages.
City Light’s Outage Management System displays a map of Seattle with the total number of power outages and customers affected at the top of the page. Click on a pinpoint of a particular outage on the map and see the number of customers affected, the cause, and the estimated time to restore service.

You may be asking, “What good will this do if my power is out?” Well, your power may be out, but you may have a friend or family member whose power is not out. This resource will give them the ability to relay information to you. OMS information can also be accessed via smart phone or you can take a laptop computer to a Wi-Fi hotspot to access information to find out when your power will return.
Coming in February, the second phase of OMS is slated to go live, offering more options such as automated callbacks to notify customers when power is restored and a “predictions” engine to enhance estimates for service restoration.