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Volunteers get Greenwood Park ready for community garden

More than two dozen volunteers gathered at Greenwood Park on North 87th Street between Evanston and Fremont avenues last weekend to begin building a community garden.

Vision Greenwood Park organizer Cassandra Allen reports the group spent four hours cutting overgrown bushes and tearing down old fences between the current park and vacant lots that the Seattle Parks Department purchased to expand the park.

Vision Greenwood Park recently received a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to support construction of the community garden. Greenwood Park’s community garden is designed to be universally accessible and create a space where teens from the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club can work next to members of the Greenwood Senior Center, and neighbors can grow local, organic produce for themselves and the Greenwood Food Bank.
“It was great to see Dads with their daughters shoveling out the fence posts and working with their neighbors. This is exactly why we are doing this—to meet our neighbors and build something wonderful for our community,” commented Mike Stringer, chair of the volunteer group and coordinator of the work party.

The next work party will be from 12-4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 24.
(All photos by Jay Boynton. See more on his flickr page.)