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Greenwood Avenue changes coming

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has finalized the changes that will happen on Greenwood Avenue North between North 85t Street and North 105th Street. SDOT says the changes will improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, while maintaining current capacity.
SDOT held a public meeting on the proposal on Aug. 3.

Greenwood Avenue North will be restriped between North 85th Street and North 105rd Street this fall. After work is complete, the 0.9 mile stretch will have one travel lane in each direction, a center turn lane and dedicated bicycle lanes. Improvements at the intersection of Greenwood and North 85th Street will include dedicated right and left turn lanes for southbound vehicles.
SDOT engineers carefully considered the needs of motorists, freight, transit, bicycles, pedestrians and emergency response when designing the final roadway layout.
Work is to begin in October 2010. In late September residents and businesses along Greenwood Ave N between N 85th St and N 105th St will receive door hangers regarding temporary parking restrictions.

You can find a lot more information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and diagrams of the current and proposed lane configurations, here.