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Whatever happened to the wild rabbits at Green Lake/Woodland Park

Our sister site My Green Lake has an interesting story about what’s happened to all those rabbits that used to live in the field next to Aurora Avenue by Green Lake and Lower Woodland Park.
If you lived here before 2006, you know that little field was filled with dozens, maybe hundreds, of rabbits that had been abandoned by their owners. My Green Lake’s story chronicles what happened with efforts to remove those rabbits to a sanctuary.
A local nonprofit, Rabbit Haven, is holding a dinner and silent auction this Saturday to raise money for the care of abandoned rabbits, and to purchase larger signs to place in the area, warning people not to abandon their rabbits.
Rabbit Haven’s fourth annual dinner and auction is from 3-6 p.m. Saturday at  the Rusty Pelican Cafe in Wallingford, 1924 N 45th St. Tickets are $35.

Rabbit Haven is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to rescuing, caring for, and finding “forever homes” for abandoned and mistreated rabbits. The all-volunteer staff at their two locations in Gig Harbor and Carnation look after 150-200 bunnies at any one time, providing fresh veggies, pelleted feed, timothy hay, clean litter – and love! – each day. In addition to supporting the Pacific Northwest’s animal control and humane shelters by helping them find homes for their rabbits, Rabbit Haven accepts their medically-challenged and less-adoptable rabbits. The organization also has a low- or no-cost boarding program for military families on assignment and offers care and/or boarding to the elderly and individuals with long-term illnesses. Because Rabbit Haven welcomes bunnies that have been neglected or abused, a great deal of their funds are dedicated to veterinary expenses.