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80+ percent of old Fire Station 21 to be recycled

Crews started demolishing the old Fire Station 21 this week, to make way for the new two-story station. Here’s what the site looked like early Friday morning.

And this was the site at 12 p.m.

James, one of the equipment operators from Maclin Enterprises, told us they would be recycling more than 80 percent of the old station’s materials – with a goal of 90 percent or more. The metal will be ground up and shipped overseas to be turned into new metal products, old brick will become roadbed, and the wood used as fuel.
The house directly to the east of the station will be torn down next week as part of the new station’s expansion plans.

Construction on the new station will take about a year. Meanwhile, the Defenders of Greenwood are operating out of industrial trailers and a tent five blocks south, at North 68th Street and Greenwood Avenue North.