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Crosswalk finally coming to 8th & 73rd

Last December we told you that a crosswalk would be installed at the busy and dangerous intersection on 8th Avenue NW and NW 73rd St. on the East Ballard/West Phinney line. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) had planned to install it this past spring, but now plans to do it next month.
The intersection is dangerous because NW 73rd Street is offset about 100 feet from the east and west sides of 8th Avenue NW, with bus stops for the number 28 on both sides. An SDOT survey found that nearly 30 people cross at that intersection during peak commute times.
The new marked crosswalk will include one new curb ramp on the east side of 8th Avenue NW, and two new curb ramps on the west side.

(Photo courtesy of SDOT)

We will also perform minor sidewalk repair and driveway construction as part of this work. Crews anticipate to start work in mid-September with construction lasting a maximum of five days (three to four days is more likely).
New pedestrian crossing signage will also be installed as well as “No Parking within 30 feet” parking restriction signs.
Residents should anticipate minor traffic delays, temporary parking restrictions, temporary traffic and pedestrian detours, and moderate construction noise and dust while this work is underway.