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Possible prostitute on Greenwood Avenue?

We got a note from Jeffrey this morning about a woman he believes was a prostitute looking for customers along Greenwood Avenue.

On way to work at about 8:10 am, saw sight usually found on 99. Young female, lots make up, strolling slowly on west side of Greenwood at about 70th. Looking at cars, following them with her eyes. I was suspicious. When I drove by looked over and she made eye contact and gave a half-wave and a look. I take 99 south to work everyday so I know what a woman who is “working” looks and acts like. No doubt she was prostitute. Looks like maybe SPD has driven someone off 99 and onto our neighborhood main drag? If I wasn’t running late would have told her I was gonna call the cops. Will drop a line to N. Precinct so it is documented.
Not a real law and order type, but hookers on Greenwood cannot be tolerated. Hard drug use, theft, and violence are the fellow travelers of the oldest profession.

I called the Seattle Police Department to find out exactly what someone should do if they think they see a prostitute.
“You would actually call the non-emergency number,” SPD Spokesperson Renee Witt said. “You could always say it’s a suspicious person and she appears to be soliciting.”
SPD’s non-emergency line is 206-625-5011.