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Woman beaten with baseball bat

A woman was attacked and beaten in a parking lot in the 8500 block of Phinney Ave.  It happened last Friday (8/13) around 3:45am.  The woman, who apparently was living in a truck near the location, was approached by three men who started yelling at her.  A witness says the woman grabbed a baseball bat to confront the men, but they took the bat away from her and hit her with it.  They also punched her with their fists.  The woman then fell to the ground and one of the men stomped on her head.  When officers arrived, the woman was still on the ground with a good amount of blood around her head. 
A witness says the three attackers left in two different vehicles (described as a full size brown Chevrolet pick-up and possibly a Toyota Corolla).  The witness was also able to capture a couple of pictures of the vehicles on his cell phone.
The victim told police that some “guys from the boys club up the road got bored” and came to bother her.   She would not give police a written statement and would not provide any descriptions of her attackers.