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City launches environmental campaign at Naked City Brewery Thursday

The city of Seattle is launching its “Puget Sound Starts Here” water quality education campaign at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N., Thursday. The campaign features drink coasters with an environmental message about how to reduce the impacts of storm water runoff on Puget Sound.

Thanks in part to a grant from the Puget Sound Partnership, the coasters are being distributed by community partners to restaurants, bars, and cafes in The Piper’s, Thornton, and Longfellow Creek watershed neighborhoods. These fun and colorful messages will provide an opportunity for Seattle residents to learn what they can do to improve the health of local waterways and Puget Sound every time they lift a glass.
30,000 coasters will be distributed; they describe four actions that will help reduce pollution: picking up after your pet, preventing automotive leaks, not using pesticides and fertilizers in your yard, and planting more trees. All the coasters share the same message on back: In Seattle, 46,000 storm drains carry untreated runoff directly to our waterways.
The coasters will be available at other participating restaurants after August 5, including these Greenwood businesses: Pig N’ Whistle, Gainsbourg, Sip & Ship, Wheatless in Seattle, 74th Street Ale House, Prost!, Pillager’s Pub, Pub at Piper’s Creek, and Bleacher’s, just to name a few.

Thursday’s event is from 6-10 p.m. Naked City is family-friendly until 10 p.m. Limited edition I “heart” Puget Sound T-shirts will only be available at the kick-off event.