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Series of small thefts in Phinney

M sent us a note this morning about a series of small thefts from the neighborhood:

There have started to be a number of small thefts of items stored outside at apartments and homes near 65th & Phinney. We had prayer flags stolen from our porch, a neighbor had a BBQ set (tongs, mitt etc.) go missing and another neighbor interrupted some one stealing a deck chair at 2am (the person ran off).
In and of themselves these are nuisance crimes, don’t involve breaking and entering (all the items were on outside porches readily accessible to the street) but it concerns me that some one or multiple people may be trying to see how soft a target the area is before actually breaking and entering and stealing something of significant value.
I thought that perhaps the Phinneywood blog might post something just to help people be on the lookout in the area and perhaps consider adding motion lights.

Has anyone else had similar thefts recently?