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Dead cat discovered in north Greenwood

Chris sent us a note this morning about a dead cat he found Monday night:

While driving home from a movie tonight at about 11PM, my girlfriend and I discovered a small black cat in the middle of the road at the corner of 103rd and Linden.
It appeared to have been hit by a car, and was no longer breathing or showing any signs of life. It had no collar or other distinguishing marks. There was a black and white cat with a white face sniffing around at it when we arrived, but that cat quickly ran off.
After flagging down a car or two to see if anybody recognized it, I moved it next to the fire hydrant on the northeast so that it was at least out of harm’s way.
Give your pet a good squeeze if you’ve got one – we gave ours some cuddles when we got home.

Chris sent us a photo of the cat, which we are not posting. If you think it may be your cat and you want to see the picture to identify it, please email us.