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Woman attacked with stun gun in Greenwood, similar to other cases

First on PhinneyWood:  Here’s a warning about a group of people who may have attacked at least three women with a stun gun, including one here in Greenwood. According to a police report obtained by PhinneyWood, the latest attack happened on Thursday (5/20) in the 700 block of North 102nd Street.  A woman had just parked her car and was taking the groceries out of the trunk when a man and woman walked up and tried to zap her with the stun gun.  She felt the device on her neck and heard three or four clicks, but it didn’t stun her.  The female attacker then grabbed the victim’s purse and sped away with the man in a nearby car. 
The female suspect is described as black, 20’s, heavy set, with short hair.  The man is described as black, mid 20’s, and slender.  They left in a silver large size sedan which was later found abandoned in a parking lot.  That car had been reported stolen. 
This case is strikingly similar to another attack and robbery that happened in Fremont three days earlier and one in Ballard on May 19.  Police tell PhinneyWood they believe all 3 attacks are related.