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Kids throwing rocks at cars on 3rd Avenue NW

Jason sent us a note about an incident that happened around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, when witnesses saw kids throwing rocks at cars.

Was driving northbound on 3rd Avenue NW and at about NW 89th ST our car was struck on the passenger side very hard by a large rock, causing damage to the passenger side door. We went back to the scene after we checked the damage and found another car stopped at the intersection who’s car had also been struck and damaged by a rock. We were told by witnesses that they saw two young (estimated ages 10-16), white males ran off after throwing the rocks. One of the boys was wearing a black jacket, the other a dark colored sweatshirt. The witnesses chased the boys but could not find them. We did a search of the area but did not see the young men.

Did anyone else have this happen to them or witness the incident?