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Lady is the Pet of the Week

Update: Lady has been adopted.
This week’s Pet of the Week from Greenwood’s PAWS Cat City is Lady.

Lady is a somewhat regal and quiet, long-haired beauty. She enjoys living a simple life, drama-free as she prefers to be the only cat around. As she stares with awe at laser pointers, she is reminded of her good ‘ole days that involved running and playing. She doesn’t move quite as quickly as she used to, but her mind is very active and her face reveals all the wisdom she has acquired over her 9 years. She hopes her next 9 years will be spent with a loving companion who will appreciate her peaceful presence, her gentle purrs and her love of being brushed. Until then, she is patiently waiting at PAWS Cat City in Greenwood (8503 Greenwood Ave N). Lady is spayed, has a microchip, is litter box trained, and is up-to-date on her vaccines. Her adoption fee is $50.