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‘Uptight Seattleite’ calls our ‘hood home

Neighborhood resident David Stoesz has an alter ego: the Uptight Seattleite. Through his column in the Seattle Weekly, thousands of people become enlightened on topics such as coffee shop etiquette, sweater-wearing dogs, and the appropriate condolence gift when someone’s backyard chicken flies to the eternal chicken coop in the sky. 
Now Stoesz is truly bringing his uptightness to the masses through his new book “A Sensitive Liberal’s Guide to Life: How to Banter with Your Barista, Hug Mindfully, and Relate to Friends Who Choose Kids Over Dogs.” It’s being released by Gotham Books today, with original illustrations by Rod Filbrandt.

(Book cover illustration reprinted here by permission of the author.)
Stoesz tells us there’s an Uptight Seattleite “multimedia extravaganza” at 7 p.m. March 31 at Neptune Coffee, 8415 Greenwood Ave. N.