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Join Senior Center’s Garden Committee

The Greenwood Senior Center is looking for gardeners to joins its SAGE (Seniors Active Giving and Engaged) Garden Steering Committee.

Do you have a passion for urban gardening? Are you an advocate for organic and local foods? Would you like to help make gardens more accessible to all people, no matter their age or abilities? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, consider being a part of the Greenwood Senior Center’s SAGE garden committee.
The realtor of a new building next door graciously collaborated with the senior center to let us use the raised garden beds that he and his son have begun to construct. As a result, our dream of having a Greenwood Senior Center community garden is coming true!
We hope to begin planting as soon as possible and need a core committee of individuals who are able to commit some time every week to work on getting the garden going. We would like to meet sometime during the first week of March. If you are interested of coming to our initial meeting or want to get more information, call or email Emily at the Greenwood Senior Center: (206) 297-0875; [email protected].