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Thieves steal trees, patio furniture

A neighbor just over the Greenwood line in Crown Hill tells us about some audacious thieves digging up trees right out of their yards.

Early Monday morning, Feb 16, a number of items were stolen out of people’s yards on 11th Ave NW, between NW 85th St and NW 87th St. Some people on 10th Ave NW and 12th Ave NW were also affected. My neighbor heard something around 3:30 am, so it might have been then. My neighbor and I filed a police report..What we know so far:
1. In my yard, two of my favorite conifers (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Wissel’s Saguro’, 2′ and 5′) were dug up right out of the ground and stolen. A shovel was left in each hole. One shovel was taken from someone on the next street over, and the other was from across the street and up a few houses. Heavy footprints in planting beds and dirt on the fence indicated where they climbed the fence to my neighbor’s yard. My furniture dolly I haven’t used for months was rolled across the lawn and left in a different location – it looked like they tried to take some planted containers but likely changed their minds when they found how ridiculously heavy they are.
2. My next door neighbor had a 3 foot bonsai stolen that he had been working on for over 10 years. He also had a nice 3-tier plant stand taken, and a second bonsai was ruined and left 2 houses down.
3. A third neighbor had a patio table stolen.
4. Another neighbor had a seating bench stolen.
5. Two more neighbors had ladders against their houses that were moved up against back fences.
If you had anything stolen that night, have any information on who did it, had things moved around your yard, or have seen these items turn up near you, please report it to the police so it’s on the record in case of future reoccurances.

Update: Q13 ran a story on this case after seeing it here on PhinneyWood.