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Fred Hutch conducts research on women’s stress

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is seeking women from all over Seattle to participate in stress-reduction workshops for those with a family history of breast cancer.

The goal of the study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, is to see whether various stress-management and coping techniques improve immune function.
Specifically, the study will teach women scientifically proven stress-management techniques. All workshops are conducted in a supportive group setting with other women who have a family history of breast cancer. Participants will be asked to complete questionnaires, give blood and saliva samples, and receive two Hepatitis A vaccinations. Some risks involved in participating in the study include the possibility of discomfort and a bruise at the blood draw site, the possibility of distress from discussing your breast cancer risk in a group setting, brief pain at Hepatitis A vaccination injection site and, in rare cases, an allergic reaction to the vaccine. There is no charge to participate.
All participants will receive a set of CDs with relaxation exercises, a tote bag and a workbook filled with stress-management techniques taught in the classes.
The study aims to recruit 96 Seattle-area women with any family history of breast cancer, age 18 to 60.
No family history of breast cancer but still want to help? We are also looking for women who do not have a family history of breast cancer to participate in a 90 minute study that examines how women process information and how hormone function may differ in women with and without a family history of breast cancer. Participating in this study involves a few short tests that include identification of colors, reading simple words and answering questions about your thoughts and feelings. Height-weight measurements, saliva and a single blood sample will be collected.
All study activities will take place on the Hutchinson Center campus in the Prevention Center, which is located in the Robert Arnold Building, 1212 Aloha St, Seattle.

For more information about the Health SMART Study, call the study information line at (206) 667-2448 or e-mail [email protected].