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Neighborhood crime roundup

We’ve received several emails in recent days about car prowls and other suspicious incidents. This note is from Lisa:

My car was broken into (smashed window) last Thursday morning while I dropped off my child at the Early Learning Development Center daycare at N 70th and Palatine. I was in the center for about 4 minutes. The thief took my briefcase, laptop, phone and wallet. I have filed a police report. I am not the first ELDC parent who has experienced this. There seems to be a pattern of someone breaking into cars quickly while parents are occupied with dropping on their kids on this quiet street…Neighbors should be warned not to leave valuables (or children!) in their cars and encouraged to be watchful for these crimes. The police officer I spoke with indicated that these types of crimes are rising significantly.

And a man on NW 73rd St. reports this happened on Tuesday:

We had two strangers come to our house today and ring the doorbell. When we came to the door they quickly took off without saying anything. They didn’t have flyers or clipboards or anything.