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Graffiti all over the neighborhood

We’ve received several emails from artman1951 about a rash of graffiti along Greenwood Avenue. He says the graffiti escalated since schools went on holiday break. He says the graffiti has shown up on the sides of Greenwood Hardware, Fiber Gallery, Strut, the Masonic Lodge, the building housing Moonphoto, a condo building, even a fire hydrant.
He sent a number of pictures of graffiti – many from a specific tagger spelling out “KLASP.” We’re hesitant to publish the photos because the last time we did, a number of people commented that the publicity is exactly what taggers want.
Do you think taggers actually read sites like PhinneyWood to see if their tags are making them famous? Should we publish the photos? Would a parent see a tag and realize it’s their child’s handiwork and punish them?
He also sent us a photo of a graffiti removal service truck parked out front of the Fiber Gallery yesterday, ready to get rid of the tags.