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Tigertail on 65th is closed

9/25 update:  The State Liquor Control Board now says there is no issue with Tigertail’s license and the King County Recorder’s Office has no liens on record that would indicate an IRS property seizure. Still no word from Tigertail’s owners.
Tigertail at 704 NW. 65th St. has been closed for the last few days, and we’re still trying to find out exactly why. Chris emailed MyBallard on Monday to report seeing a sign on the bar’s door saying they were closed by the IRS. But when we went by the sign was gone – just some strips of tape left.
Today, Roy sent MyBallard a picture of a new sign, which said Tigertail had issues with the Liquor Control Board, and would reopen soon.

We called the IRS, which referred us to the county auditor’s office, which then referred us to the county Recorders office, where we’ve left a message. We also called the public records line at the State Liquor Control Board, where we were told there is a “pending issue on their license.” We’ve been promised a call back tomorrow with further information.
We’ve also left a message for Tigertail’s owners.