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Grab a towel and head to Neptune for ‘Hitchhikers’ trivia

Neptune Coffee is hosting “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” Trivia Night on Friday, Sept. 25 to benefit its neighbor across the street, the non-profit writing center 826 Seattle.

Questions about improbability, the significance of the number 42, and the final words of God to His creation are sure to challenge fans of Douglas Adams’ absurdist sci-fi masterpiece. Questions will be drawn from the entire cannon, including the radio show, the trilogy (in five parts), and the 2005 movie. Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. store manager and towel enthusiast Justin will MC.
Suggested donation is $5 per player, limit 6 players per team. Prizes range from free coffee and drinks from Neptune Coffee, to space travel supplies from the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., and the one item no traveler can be without – a towel.

826 Seattle provides free creative writing tutoring for children ages 6-18. Its alter ego, Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., sells intergalactic travel accessories to support the program.