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Join the Phinney Ridge Community Council

The Phinney Ridge Community Council still has openings for volunteers to serve on the board.
Nominations for the four positions will be considered at tonight’s (Tuesday) meeting, and monthly meetings through the end of the year. The PRCC is an informal group that provides a community voice for all kinds of neighborhood issues, especially development.

The minimum level of involvement as a board member includes attending the monthly meetings and weighing in on the occasional group e-mail. There are opportunities to do more, such as attending city meetings or writing letters on PRCC’s behalf, but it is not required.
Our agenda is shaped largely by input from people who attend our meetings – most frequently Phinney Ridge residents who are feeling frustrated by the response, or lack of response, they are getting from the city on a problem that most commonly includes traffic, safety, zoning and land use. PRCC board members often bring agenda items to the meetings based on their experiences or at the request of neighbors. We also get occasional guest speakers such as candidates running for office, city planners hoping to build support for a new or proposed city policy, or those who can help shed light on a complicated issues. We had a speaker about the bag tax at our last meeting.
Most often we give advice and help connect neighbors with problems to other neighbors who can, or are willing to help. If we decide to take a side in an issue, we often draft a statement, then send it to the appropriate parties. If there is a neighborhood issue you’ve been meaning to deal with, the PRCC is a great way to find other people who might share your views and can help.
The PRCC boundaries are Aurora Ave to 8th N.W. and 46th Street to North 75th St. People who own a business or property within those boundaries are eligible to serve even if they don’t live within the boundaries.

Even if you’re not interested in serving on the board, you can drop in to any PRCC meeting to find out what’s happening in the neighborhood. Meeings are at 7:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month at the Phinney Neighborhood Center.
If you’re interested in joining the PRCC, email or call Diane at 206-782-1420.