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Help figuring out who to vote for

Trying to get ready to fill out your absentee ballot, but have no idea which way to vote? Here are some options for figuring out who you’ll like best (or dislike the least).

The King County Elections site has a voter guide look-up feature that displays information only for the races you can vote in. Get candidate statements and links to more information. Check it out here.

Reading about the candidates is one thing. Seeing them is another. Here’s a semi-relevant non sequitur (if that’s possible): It’s said that while radio listeners thought he won, TV viewers thought Richard Nixon lost his first televised debate with John F. Kennedy.

The stakes aren’t quite as high for the local candidates, but one could argue the outcome is more relevant to our everyday lives. See the candidates in action for Seattle Mayor and King County Executive.

Even The Seattle Times is doing video these days. See interviews here and check out Times endorsements.

If The Times isn’t your thing, check out The Stranger’s endorsements, which, whether you agree or not, are some of the most entertaining political reading you’ll find.

The deadline for getting your ballot postmarked is Aug. 18. Once you drop it in the mail, you can even track your ballot’s progress through the system.