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Herkimer coffee now in Wasilla, Alaska

Herkimer at 74th and Greenwood has expanded its coffee roasting business and its beans are now available at a number of Seattle-area businesses. Its newest bulk-bean customer is a bookstore and cafe in Wasilla, Alaska, called Pandemonium.
Herkimer ships a couple hundred pounds of beans up there every week, about the same amount of beans it uses in its own shop. They used to roast on Mondays and Thursdays, but they’ve added more days here and there as their roasting business expands.

Note to parents: The PhinneyWood kid is fascinated by watching the roasting process. If you’re looking for a little educational entertainment, park your kid on a stool in front of the open roasing window and watch the Herkimer folks pour the green beans into the roaster and then watch the roasted beans come out and get poured into a big bucket, weighed and poured into paper bags. And the guys doing the roasting may even show your little one a handful of beans from before and after the process, and explain how it all works. Hours of fun!