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Training seminar for PARKing Day

Anyone interested in participating in the international PARKing Day event should attend an informational and training event from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 6, at the Officer’s Club in the Armory at Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Ave N.

We will discuss how to get involved with PARKing Day, how to set up your spot, including information on permits, rules and how to decorate your park.

PARKing Day lets volunteers take over a parking spot for one day to turn it into a mini park. Greenwood had two PARKing Day spots last year – one in front of the library, where a volunteer had a table and chairs set up and was registering people to vote; the other was in front of the Pig n’ Whistle and featured a zen garden, adirondack chair made of old skateboards, bike rack, and table and chairs to socialize.
If you want to attend the training please email Elaine at Feet First.