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Get ready to do the Gumshoe again

If you like to poke around the neighborhood and see all kinds of interesting things, then you might want to participate in the fourth annual Gumshoe 5K Walk, from Aug. 7-16. It’s a fundraiser for the Greenwood Senior Center. (The Gumshoe is a PhinneyWood sponsor.)
Here’s how it works: buy a Gumshoe form for $20 (or two for $15) at the Phinney Center, Metropolis or Ken’s Market, beginning Aug. 7. Follow the clues as they take you on a walking adventure through Phinney/Greenwood. You may be looking for a whimsical piece of garden art in someone’s yard, the company name on a fire hydrant, or a particularly interesting traffic circle tree. Fun to do alone, but tons more fun with a group.

You can do the walk all at once, in parts, on your own or in a group, any time between August 7 – 16. Walk time is 2-3 hours and suitable for easy to moderate walkers. Be sure to check out the new, very fun Group Walks and all Gumshoe activities at www.DoTheGumshoe.org. Fill in your solutions to Gumshoe clues and return your form for a chance to WIN a $250, $150 or $100 Fred Meyer gift certificate.