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Neighbors report suspicious activity

Marty wrote us to say that three police cars were in her alley between N 80th and N 81st between Greenwood and 1st NW this morning for more than an hour.

I talked to one of the officers in the alley. Someone had reported a car parked in their alley place; the car (a red SUV) had four people in it, and they were just sitting there. Police didn’t have enough to do a warrantless search, but warned them because no one in the vehicle had a driver’s license. The officer said they will keep a regular watch on the alley; so will the neighbors!

For a few months now many of the neighbors have noticed this activity in the alley – cars stopping in parking spots not their own, then dashing off; loud arguments. We call 911 and immediately say that it’s not an emergency, then they connect to (I guess) our precinct. The officer said to keep them notified of suspicious behavior. We want to keep our neighborhood safe!