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Auditions for TV pilot on Thursday

Update: I’ve just been informed that the auditions were just moved to the University Branch Library.
A Seattle production company is holding auditions from 6:15-7:45 p.m. on Thursday at the Greenwood Library University Branch Library for a new sustainability reality TV show pilot. ReGeneration Productions, LLC, is looking for a program host and sustainability experts in eight categories for pilot episode production this summer.

Think “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” meets “What Not to Wear” and you have the basic premise for ReGeneration Productions’ “Mission: Sustainable” green-based reality television show. The brainchild of Seattle’s Rose Thornton, who founded ReGeneration Productions for the sole purpose of creating green-focused media programming, “Mission: Sustainable” will have a team of experts who show a family, business or individual how their daily choices impact the environment and the changes they need to make to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Interested parties can audition for more than one role and should be prepared with a brief description of his/her area of expertise. Those interested in the consultant roles should also prepare a 2-3 minute description of how to “make-over” a lifestyle choice in their area of expertise. Host candidates should also prepare a 2-3 minute description of the concept of a carbon footprint. All auditions will be on camera.

The roles to be filled are: Host; Green Transportation Consultant; Green Chef/Food Consultant; Green Interior Home Consultant; Green Exterior Home Consultant; Home Efficiency Consultant; Green Landscaping Consultant; Pacific Northwest Outdoors Consultant; Green Personal Care Consultant; Green Technology Expert.
If you’re interested, send an email to request an audition time. Taping for the pilot episode will begin in July, requiring evening and weekend commitments for the selected cast.