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Fights, gunshots in wake of Greenwood party

Neighbors near 79th and Greenwood had a disturbing experience last night. Police responded to a massive private party there, with an estimated 350 people crammed into a room. The party organizers were pleading with people to leave, and SPD says they were asked to help shut down the event. Seattle Police explains what happens next:

“As the crowd was exiting the west entrance, about 200 additional persons converged upon the front of the building, having approached from nearby alleys and parking areas. Dispatched calls of shots fired in the area were broadcast. Numerous fight disturbances broke out simultaneously and officers were surrounded by converging crowds while seeking to break up fights.”

Seattle Police quickly called for backup — even officers from the UW responded — and scattered fights continued in the area, officers say. Finally, the crowd settled down and dispersed. Despite numerous reports of shots fired, no gunshot victims were found. (Thanks JM for the tip.)