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Recycle your bottle caps at the Sneakery

The Sneakery, 612 NW 65th St., is collecting used bottle caps for recycling, playing off an initiative started by Aveda. Drea writes:

I’m probably not the only one who cringes every time I throw a cap in the trash when I put a bottle in the recycling bin. I don’t understand all the politics and science of recycling, but thankfully someone has found a way to get these caps into the proper recycling facility. Aveda salons has started an ongoing program called “Recycle Caps with Aveda” to address this issue and I’ve started a collection at The Sneakery which I plan on taking to the drop-off point downtown. I’d like to invite anyone else who wants to see their caps go somewhere with a purpose to drop them off with us. The Sneakery is not affiliated with Aveda in any way, this is just something I heard about and want to participate in. Hopefully you’ll think this is a project worthy of getting others involved in and post it on your blog.

Here is a general overview of what types of caps can be recycled:

Caps included in this collection are any plastic “twist on” caps. Some examples are: Water bottles, soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, ketchup bottles, and shampoo/conditioner bottles. Caps that are NOT included are any metal caps and any “Snap Fit” plastic caps. Some examples of snap fit caps are; margarine and cottage cheese caps.

More information via Aveda can be found here.