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Possible attempted abduction near West Woodland last week

An email has been circulating on neighborhood listservs about a creepy guy who may have tried to abduct a young girl near the corner of NW 56th St. and 4th Ave. NW by West Woodland Elementary last week.

Last night at 5:30 p.m. my 11 year old…was walking her dog around the block alone. I was sitting on our front stairs outside our house…As she was nearing the corner I heard a man’s voice call out to her. She stopped and he started talking to her about her dog. I was horror struck watching and waiting for her to walk away from him and she never did. He then said to her (they were so close I could hear him), “come closer so I can talk to you.” At that point I started screaming her name and she never turned around! A passing woman heard me and traced back to see if I needed her help. I told her that this guy was talking to my little girl and he told her to come closer. She sprinted ahead of me and grabbed my daughter by the shoulders and yelled at her that her mom was calling her. When I say that I was screaming, I mean freaked out mommy screaming. There was no way she could have not heard me! I then yelled at the guy (called him a pervert) and he sped off. Clearly, he was just hanging in front of an elementary school and was not visiting one of my neighbors. I can’t imagine what could have happened had I not been right there.

The man is described as white, in his late 50’s or early 60’s, with greasy gray hair and a gray beard. He was large, with a big belly, and wearing a white polo-type shirt and red baseball cap. He was driving a white car, possibly a Saturn or Chevy Cavalier.