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Greenwood getting 4 new blocks of sidewalks

Starting next Monday, a four-block section of Fremont Avenue in Greenwood will finally get sidewalks.

The Greenwood Community Council has been working for years to complete the sidewalk grid in its neighborhood and requested funding from the Neighborhood Street Fund funded by the Bridging the Gap transportation initiative. The contractor will build a sidewalk on the west side of Fremont Avenue North to connect the existing sidewalks south of the Boys & Girls Club (at N 86th Street) to N 90th Street. The project will fill the gap in the sidewalk between the Boys & Girls Club, Greenwood Park and N 85th Street.
In addition, SDOT has worked with Seattle Public Utilities to install a natural drainage system next to the sidewalk project. This green infrastructure will take water that would traditionally go into pipes and allow it to permeate into the planting strip to support plants and trees.