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Greenwood-Phinney business districts gets grant

The Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce, and 21 other neighborhood business associations, received city grants today to help small businesses thrive. The grants can be used for business district promotion and physical improvement projects.
Greenwood-Phinney received $5,000. According to the mayor’s office: “Greenwood Phinney Chamber of Commerce’s sustainability committee will work with businesses in Greenwood Phinney to help businesses reduce their operating costs by reducing their carbon footprint. They’ll be working with the City’s Office of Sustainability and Environment.”
“Our business districts are the economic engines that provide jobs and create the unique character in our neighborhoods across Seattle,” Mayor Nickels said, according to the press release. “This is one more way the city continues to invest in our local business districts, joining neighborhood chambers and merchants associations to support Seattle’s small businesses.”
A total of $128,384 in grants were awarded this morning at Columbia City Theatre. Nearby, the Greater Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce received a $6,000 grant, and the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce received $2,600.