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Organic hair salon bringing sugar to the ridge

Hazel, a new salon going in at 5817 Phinney Ave. N. is styling itself as an environmentally friendly styling option.

The salon will carry an organic line of products, including an organic hair coloring option, and other “green” products, but two other things may really set them apart: Sugaring and hair mats.

Sugaring (I’m told) is less painful than waxing (not that I know how painful that is, either) and it’s more environmentally friendly.  The salon will be the first on Phinney Ridge to offer this service, according to the new owner, who asked not to be named yet for fear of jeopardizing her current styling job. The next two closest sugaring options are in Ballard and Fremont.

Hazel will also be collecting clipped hair and sending it to Matter of Trust, which turns human hair into mats used to soak up oil spills.

The salon will have three chairs and is slated to open sometime around June 15.