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Recycling changes start Monday

Don’t forget that all the new recycling and yard waste changes start on Monday, and that your collection day may have changed. You should have received a notice in the mail with your collection day listed on the label, and the garbage collectors should have placed a collection day sticker on your garbage can in the last week or two.
Yard waste will now be picked up every week, and you can put food scraps such as meat, fish, bones, shells, cheese and dairy products into your yard waste carts.
You also can recycle a ton more stuff than before, including paper and plastic cups, deli trays, aluminum foil, plastic plant pots and lids that are at least three inches in diameter. And you can put glass right into the main recycling cart instead of separating it.
Electronics, used motor oil and bulky items will be collected through special services.
For more information on all the city’s solid waste changes, click here or call 206-684-3000.