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Dept. of Neighborhoods looking for volunteers

The Department of Neighborhoods is looking for volunteers to review applications for the 2009 Large Projects Fund. The Citywide Review Team consists of a representative from each of the 13 Seattle districts, as well as four at-large community members.
The Northwest District Council needs to approve a representative by this Friday, March 13.
If you are interested in being nominated to the Review Team or would like to recommend someone, please contact Beth Pflug at the Greenwood Neighborhood Service Center at 206-684-4096.

The Citywide Review Team meets from April through June for approximately 30 hours of meetings and activities. Each session may be as long as 3-4 hours. Some members of the Team may also attend City Neighborhood Council meetings. The reading and rating of applications is the most time-consuming activity of the review process. Depending on the number of applications received, this job could take from 20-40 hours over the course of three weeks.