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Registered sex offender may have been seen near Loyal Heights Elementary

The emails first circulated back in December, now there’s a new warning that a Level 3 sex offender may be lurking near schools in our area.
Salmon Bay K-8 Principal Jodee Reed sent this email to families, which contained information sent to all North End school principals:

Quick note to warn you a Level 3 sex offender is patrolling the schools in our area. Whittier Elementary sent warnings out in December. He was spotted yesterday 1 block from Loyal Heights Elementary. Keith Gerald McFadden, a Lynnwood resident and registered Level 3 sex offender was sited at Saleh’s yesterday (80th & 24th NW). You can pull up a picture of him at www.familywatchdog.us. He looks a little more scruffy than his mug shot. Just be aware.

I spoke with the receptionist at Loyal Heights Elementary this afternoon, and she said they had received the same email, but couldn’t confirm whether McFadden had actually been seen near the school.
More information on McFadden can be found at The Washington State Sex Offender Information Center.