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Brown water in neighborhood should be gone now

James contacted us yesterday about brown water coming through the tap at his house at 78th & Fremont. Seattle Public Utilities Spokesman Andy Ryan explained the situation to us today:

Thirty-three water quality calls came into Seattle Public Utilities’ operations center yesterday (Feb. 19, 2009), from the Greenwood area.The first call reporting discolored water was received at 7:42 a.m.; calls continued throughout the day, with the last water quality call occurring at 5:02 p.m. No water quality calls were received today in the ORC from that neighborhood.
On Feb. 18, SPU’s Water Operations crews repaired a 42-inch transmission line on N 80th Street (Greenwood N /Bagley Ave N). Water was shut off to complete this repair. When the water was turned back on, a disturbance may have occurred that caused the discolored water. SPU inspectors were notified, and the problem appears to have self-corrected, as no calls reporting discolored water in that neighborhood have been received today.
Customers are advised to let their water run for a while if it is discolored. Though unattractive, the discolored water is safe to drink.