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Lots of houses for sale in Greenwood and Phinney

A larger-than-usual number of houses went on the market this week in both Greenwood and Phinney Ridge.
Fifteen houses in Greenwood were listed on Tuesday, plus another 14 in Phinney. We usually see just a handful on any given day, not 29. All were listed on Tuesday.
Most of the Greenwood houses were in the low- to mid-$300’s. The cheapest listing was $225,000 for a 640-square-foot condo. The most expensive was $750,000 for two homes currently occupied by renters on a large, gated property.
Phinney homes range from $409,000 for a newly built 1,244-square-foot 3-bed, 3-bath condo with a view of Green Lake; to $1,198,000 for a 4,210-square-foot, 5-bed, 3-1/2-bath home with views of the Olympics and Puget Sound.