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Protect your pets from freezing weather

It seems like inside is the best place for pets in this freezing weather, but if they do need to be outside at all, King County Animal Care is sending along some tips on how to protect them from frostbite and other cold weather perils: 

  • Wipe pets’ paws after a walk through the snow. They can have frozen fur in between their foot pads and track in chemicals from deicing fluid that can make them sick if ingested.
  • Check outdoor water bowls, as they may freeze and prevent your pet from drinking.
  • Make sure pets are wearing at least two forms of current identification. This could be any combination, such as a pet license and microchip or a pet license and personal identification tag.
  • Ensure your emergency disaster kits include at least three days of pet food, supplies and medications for all the animals in your household.

For more information on pet disaster preparedness, visit https://www.petfinder.com/disaster.