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Inaugural art walk wards off the elements

The cold and rainy conditions dampened participation in Friday’s Art Up/Open Up December Art Walk, but those who stayed home missed out.

Here’s artist R.J. Rogers at the Seattle Management Group Real Estate office in Greenwood with some of his striking mixed-media works utilizing used paint cans, lids, brushes and “whatever else I can find in my studio.”

Next door, the festiveness of the Hookn-Beads’ tent warded off the elements.

Many locations had food and drink, as well as live entertainment, including at the Greenwood Collective, a focal point of the event.

On the next art walk, add this eclectic and artfully designed maze of rooms to your list of stops. Among the things you’ll see are log cabin walls reportedly from the set of Northern Exposure, a stuffed lion frozen in mid-leap, an outside patio (complete with hot tub) that looks like a living room and the art gallery and clothing store, Bherd Studios, run by John Osgood and Michele Persinger who are driving forces behind the Art Up event.

Mark your calendar, future Greenwood/Phinney art walks are slated for the second Friday of each month.