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First phase of Piper Village on 85th to open in spring

The Piper Village development behind Blockbuster and Top Ten Toys on 85th St. between 1st and Palatine is aiming for a spring grand opening of its 46 apartments and 12,000 square feet of retail.
According to Piper Village’s PR firm, Parsons Public Relations in Phinney Ridge, Piper Village is the first project in North Seattle to pave with pervious asphalt, which allows water to seep into the ground instead of pooling or running into the storm drains during heavy downpours. Check out this link to see how pervious asphalt works.
This is just the first phase in the multi-year project, which will remake the 5.5 acre site into an urban village with several buildings combining residential and retail. The Seattle Times had an article earlier this year that described that area’s history and geology, and the family that has owned the land for more than 100 years.