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Test the Supernova at Greenwood Park

A new top for the Supernova at Greenwood Park is being shipped from Europe, but in the meantime, the Seattle Parks Department has been tinkering with the one that’s installed and they believe they’ve got it working better.

According to an e-mail Loretta forwarded the Greenwood Discussion list on Yahoo!, the parks department is hoping people will test it to see if it’s working better. If you’ve tried it out since Monday, let us know how it’s spinning.

If you haven’t been there, the park is located at 602 N 87th St. and has a great playground for a range of ages and abilities.

Update: We tried it out this evening and it is indeed faster than it was, but it still drags to a halt pretty easily. Not sure if it means anything, but the shortest post looks like it’s bent at an angle, while all the others are pretty near vertical. Having never come across one of these things before, I can’t say whether that’s an issue, however. Take it only as an observation.