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Mud Bay Granary gets reprieve

Mud Bay Granary will stay in its current location for at least another six months and probably longer.

About a week ago we wrote that the building at 8221 Greenwood Ave. N. was for sale, then followed it with an update about a move to nearby building falling through.

Since then, Mud Bay signed a three-year deal with the building’s owner that has a six month out clause. So, if the owner sells the building and the new owner has something else in mind for it, like replacing it with condos, Mud Bay would have six months to vacate. On the other hand, if a new owner wanted the rental income, Mud Bay could stick around longer at that location, according to Mark Derricott, director of store development for the chain.

“We have a mutual kick-out. At any point either of us can tell the other we’re leaving,” Derricott said. “We’re hoping to stick around, but a few things aren’t entirely under our control.”

In the meantime, Derricott said he’ll continue to look for a new place that keeps them in the neighborhood. “We’d like to, that’s definitely my goal.”

Sarah gets the credit for alerting PhinneyWood to the news.