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Speak up about library funding cuts

The Friends of the Seattle Public Library is asking for public input after Mayor Greg Nickels’ budget proposal last week was $2.2 million short of what the city’s public libraries say they need.
According to the Friends group, library usage is up dramatically, as it always is during economic downturns. Library card registration is up 53 percent – last year more than 60,000 people received a new library card.
You can speak at one of two upcoming City Council budget hearings: this Wednesday, Oct. 8, or Monday, Oct. 27 at council chambers. Here’s the group’s plea:

1) Send a handwritten letter to your council members: Jean Godden, Jan Drago, Nick Licata, Bruce Harrell, Tim Burgess, Richard Conlin, Tom Rasmussen, Richard McIver, and Sally Clark at Seattle City Hall, Floor 2, POB 34025, Seattle Wa 98124-4025. Tell them what branch you use, how you use the library, and why the branch is important to you and/or your community. Thank them for past support and ask them to consider increasing the library’s collections budget.
2) Email council members. Their emails are in the form: [email protected]. Tell them your name, the branch you use, how you use the library and how it is important. Thank them for their past support and ask them to increase the library’s collections budget.
3) Call City Council between 4:30-5:30 on Oct. 8 at 206-684-0481 or email in the same time frame to: [email protected]. Messages received in that hour count as “official testimony” in the first public hearing on the mayor’s budget.

You can read more on the Friends of Seattle Public Library blog; or email: [email protected].