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Put in your two cents on Greenwood transportation issues

Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark will join the Greenwood Community Council and residents for a walking tour of Greenwood on Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. to discuss transportation/walking issues. The walking tour starts at the liquor store at Greenwood Ave. N. and N 93rd St. and will last about an hour.
“We will navigate our way north through the sometimes third world conditions of the roadway edge where the sidewalks end on the east side of Greenwood N from N 93rd,” Community Council President Kate Martin says. “We’ll continue up to N 105th and then cross over (at various locations just to remember what is really happening at those uncontrolled intersections – crossing 4 moving vehicular lanes where vehicles travel at a posted speed of 35 mph and reality speeds of sometimes over 50 mph) – and continue south to where the
sidewalks end at N 97th on the west side past the Greenwood Food Bank at the Salvation Army.”
Everyone will then walk or take the #5 bus back to the Greenwood Library to continue the meeting and discuss how to get Seattle Department of Transportation to install much-needed transportation and walking infrastructure into the north end of Greenwood.
After the meeting you can join community council members for a no-host social hour at the Pig ‘N Whistle.
Please send us your pictures of areas you think need help – broken sidewalks, no sidewalks at all, etc. And if you attend the walking tour and take pictures, please send those to us as well.