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Police arrest 2 teens after robberies and gunshots in Greenwood, Phinney

The Seattle P.I. reports that two male teens were arrested last night after robbing three people at three different locations in North Seattle, including Phinney Ridge and Greenwood.
The first victim was robbed at 8:20 p.m. in Roosevelt; 20 minutes later the second victim was robbed of his car keys near the Woodland Park Zoo (but they didn’t get his car); 10 minutes after that police responded to gunfire in the 300 block of N. 103rd St.; 20 minutes later the two boys allegedly robbed a third person near N. 87th. St. and Phinney Ave. N.
A witness got a partial license plate for a black Chrysler and police later arrested one of the boys at a South Seattle house, and the second at his Renton home.
The boys were booked into the King County Youth Service Center Monday night for investigation of robbery.