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Neptune Coffee benefit for 826 Seattle


Friday is “Futurama Trivia Night” at Neptune Coffee at 8415 Greenwood Ave. N. For a minimum $5 donation from 8-10 p.m., participants can answer questions such as “What is Bender’s full name?” (Bender Bending Rodriguez) and “What planet is Leela from? (earth).
All proceeds benefit 826 Seattle, the non-profit writing center for students directly across the street from Neptune, hiding behind the alias Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.
While you’re at Neptune, check out their newest art exhibit by artist Patrick Gundran. His artist’s letter, posted on the wall, says “Thank you for taking the time to view my art. I hope that by doing so, you won’t experience any lingering paranormal activity upon your person. That is not my intention, but a possible side effect that I have NO control over.” Hmmm…